Update: Adam from Etsy commented, and stated that the privacy settings are now automatically set to “unpublic” your info. Unfortunately, your real name (unless you’ve changed it; see below) and your email address are still publicly searchable and can appear on search engine results.

In a rather Facebook-like move, Etsy has defaulted your privacy settings to include a public listing of your favorites and your purchases, as well as make your account searchable by your email account.

To change your settings, log into your Etsy account, and then go to Account -> Settings, and then click the “Privacy” tab at the top of the form. Here is what you will need to change:

In the pic of my account, I’ve already clicked the radio buttons to hide the info, but Etsy defaulted them all to “YES.” While I don’t really mind people seeing my purchases or my faves, if I’m selling a handmade glow-in-the-dark knitted thong as a personal request listing for a good friend I don’t need THAT public. Unless, that is, they’re going to be requesting one at a significant markup.  😉

To change your “real name” on file, click “Profile” in the left sidebar and change from there.

If you didn’t get a notification from Etsy about this, you’re not alone – Etsy did NOT notify its members of this. Even more disturbing is the fact that your real name AND your username are publicly searchable – not only on Etsy, but apparently on general search engines like Google and Bing as well (please note that these links head to some frank-yet-non-titillating discussions about more, ahem, mature items listed on Etsy):

“I just found a woman who’s Etsy profile comes up on Google as the 5th link. I was expecting 6 or 7 pages down, but it’s on the very first page, right after her online resumes,” wrote one concerned user on the Penny Arcade forums. “She signed up a year ago, under the old privacy policy, and hasn’t logged in since 2010. And now I know what [adult item] she uses…”

Whups. Wow, I hope she logs in, and fast!

Anyway, go change your privacy settings … especially if you don’t want your purchases listed on Google!

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2 thoughts on “You May Want to Change Your Etsy Privacy Settings!

  1. The problem has not been fixed. The problem is shoppers being looked up by name, being found by email, having their real names on their account at all (in most cases, added against the user’s will). Pretending people were angry about feedback is just a smokescreen, and a poor one at that.

    Restore users’ privacy.

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