Some humor for your Sunday morning/Father’s Day after the jump…

The Sweaty Knitter recently posted a list she titled You Might Be a Knitting/Crocheting Addict If…

A fun post. You should check it out. Reading her post got me thinking about my own addiction symptoms. For your amusement (and possible identification, although I wont’ ask you to admit it), here’s my list:

1) You decide to switch to a smaller wallet so that your purse can hold larger project bags.

2) You refer to your knitting group friends by their Ravelry user names.

3) You’re more juiced to shop for yarn to make a sweater than you ever would be to simply shop for a sweater. And you will gladly, even joyfully spend money on yarn to make a sweater that you would never plunk down for something pre-assembled.

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