Are you familiar with entrelac, or have you made many/any entrelac projects? Whit over at The Purl Bee has a beautiful triangle scarf free knitting pattern that incorporates this technique. It’s light, and perfect for the summer! Follow the article below, which describes the project, yarn, and technique, for the free pattern link.

It seems that many of us have two reasons to knit and that these reasons are the opposite of each other! We, on the one hand, choose projects for their monotony, knowing that mindlessness and repetitive motion put us in a meditative state that even a yogi might admire.

And, on the other hand, we love a challenge, knowing that when a pattern activates our minds and surprises our expectations the result is an elated sense of achievement. Here’s a pattern for when you’re in that kind of a mood!

The Just Triangles Entrelac Scarf takes traditional entrelac knitting, which involves lots of small triangles and squares, and gives it a modern look with a blown-up scale and a pared-down style. Omitting all those squares, you’ll knit just the first and last rows of entrelac, ending up with eleven big triangles in all. Pretty fascinating and definitely fun!

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