I’m very glad to have you.

As a beginning knitter, I’ve always relied on the internet to teach myself – and reinforce – stitches. I also began to view the internet as a great way to link my knitting subconscious to other fabulous knitters as well as find fantastic deals and giveaways. Being a complete nOOb in regard to yarn weight and needle size and gauges, I joined mailing lists and listservs and subscribed to blogs.

I worked too hard at my full-time jobs for too long, and suddenly (OK, fine, it was a whole year) got laid off of my latest gig. Crushed, I leaned more heavily on my knitting reader subscriptions and yearned for the next Joann Etc coupon to arrive in my inbox.

And then it hit me. Why not take all of the knitting information that was coming my way and create an online repository for others? If I was going to just be sitting around searching for jobs all day, why not share with others the knitstuffs? And voila … iKnitty.com was born.

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