The other day, there was an article on the NHS (National Health Service) commissioning knitters to whip up (or out? heh!) knitted breasts for nursing instruction. I had no idea, but there’s even a group here in the U.S. called – wait for it – Knitting for Knockers which knits up prosthetic breasts for cancer survivors.

I’m dying. That name is just filled with win.

Anyway, as a follow-up article to the knitted breasts, The Metro gives us a story on weird knitted objects. Here are a few of my faves:

Knitted vacuum cleaner
Knitted Vacuum Cleaner … “doesn’t suck.” Ha.
Knitted digestive system
A knitted digestive system. Wow.
And, finally, they link to an older article with adorable pics of little fun knitted things. I need to make most of them, not gonna lie…

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