In addition to being a knitter, I’m an amateur photographer and a lomographer. I love Polaroid, and my favorite artist is Sting (and the Police, of course). I’ve seen every single one of his concerts, save this last one. Polaroid and Sting teamed up, and here is a shot from their photo shoot:

So, bound and determined to find Sting’s hat, I stumbled upon a link to 101 free men’s knitting patterns. Perhaps there’s something you can make for your guy or male family member for the holidays. Not all of the links are working, but you can find some of them by using the Internet Archive at (VERY handy when looking up defunct pattern links!).

And if anyone knows where I can find the pattern for that hat, please comment! I can probably whip it up myself visually, but would love the pattern. Thanks so much!

One thought on “Sting’s Hat, and 101 Free Men’s Patterns

  1. I do not have th pattern for Sting’s hat, but…

    Judging by how it looks near th top of his head, it looks like a 1×1 rib with a snug fit [that has stretched th ribs apart around th wide part of his head]. Follow from th top down, it looks like a rib — stretched out + loose stitches.

    It also looks knit with slightly larger needles for looser knitting.

    I am guessing th hat might be lined [as I cannot see Sting’s head] + because I cannot tell what it around th rim. With loose stitches like this, we should be able to see Sting’s head — because we can’t, I think it is lined.

    I tried zooming in on image but cannot see clearly [dang you, pixellation!].

    Perhaps th rim is a different rib count or something like: some stitch with a stockinette stitch every 5th stitch [to get that little V every so often]. See how one V lines up with th rib every so often? I just can’t see clearly what th “in between” stitch is.

    I think it is a snug skullie. No slouch. I think Sting has pulled it on “just so” that it looks a bit tucked in th back.

    Now »I« want an off-white skullie!

    If you happen to find this pattern, will you please let me know? Vice-versa, for sure!

    Good luck!

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