From Knit Picks, this is a really interesting article about spinning angora rabbit fur into yarn. Now, if only I could do this with the Siamese cats that live in my house…


As some of you know, I live with a delightful little (well, fairly large) angora rabbit named Linus. He was the little spokes-bunny for our Special Reserve Sugarbunny line when I first started working here and periodically comes to work with me here at the office! Every three months I give him a big shave and wind up with about 2-3 ounces of useable fiber. I’ve had several years to practice spinning angora fiber and have figured out a few things about this specific fiber type that I thought I’d share today! In the photo above, the top two skeins are 100% angora from different shearings and the bottom skein is 80% hand processed wool and 20% angora.

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