If you have a Wii, you’re probably looking for fun games. This fall, the Wii will get an adorable new game called Kirby’s Epic Yarn.


Kirby, the cute little pink guy, uses a yarn whip to grab and lasso things and get through the game. I’m more of a MMORPG gal myself (don’t ask me how many toons I have in World of Warcraft, or how many servers I play on), but I like the idea of yarn helping you to survive in your world! I’d like to have a yarn lasso for … well, various reasons, really.

According to Eric Neigher (what a cutie!) in his article at Gamespy, this idea has been in development for so many years it was originally supposed to be a GameCube game – remember those? Anyway, Kirby uses the yarn to complete various tasks, and you can pull on stray threads (satisfying the OCD in all of us) to reveal hidden areas. All of the characters, including Kirby, are made out of yarn.  Being a gamer and also a fibre-ista, even I am a little fuzzy (ha ha) on how someone came up with the concept of “yarn as a weapon,” but I’m completely down with it. You can even challenge a friend as it allows two players to morph Kirby into cars and submarines at the same time.

Here are some screenshots from the game as well.

OK, I’m now waiting on someone to create a real Wii knitting game where I can actually use my WiiMotes to knit…

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