The Olympics are hitting London this summer, and the Paralympics will be held there as well in the Fall.

We sofa athletes (ahem) can participate in our own crafty way, and gives us a peek at what exactly goes down at the Ravelympics. Are you a Rav fan, or have you participated in the Ravelympics before?

I have to admit that I’ve been a Ravelympics washout a couple of times. The knitting frenzy takes place every time there’s an Olympic Games going on, and it involves knitters all casting on during the opening ceremony on a project (or more than one project) they aim to have done by the time the flame goes out on the ceremony. (The official run dates and times are from 6:30 PM GMT on July 27 to 11:59:59 GMT on August 12, since the exact time of the flame going out is unknown.)

Knitters are “competing” in a multitude of events. You can choose from such projects as:


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