OK, what is it about shawls? Is it the fact that I can whip out a few circulars and sit in front of a Merchant-Ivory film or a Doctor Who episode and just go to town on one? What is compelling me to make nearly every free shawl pattern that I come across either in a knitting magazine or online? WHAT IS IT, PEOPLE?

Well, thanks to the folks at Morehouse Farm Merino, I’ve got another beautiful shawl pattern to add to my list … the Carmen.

[image courtesy the Morehouse Farm Merino website]

Can I just say that I love this fringe?

If you order the yarn to go along with this awesome pattern TODAY, you can save 15% off the regular price for 4 skeins of Morehouse Merino 2-Ply Yarn ($38.00) and get it for only $32.00. They have four beautiful colours to choose from, so hurry!

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