OK – I am going to admit here one of my biggest girlcrushes ever … Christina Hendricks, who plays Joan Holloway Harris on the AMC tv show Mad Men. She is a goddess; gorgeous, charming, was on one of the best TV shows ever (Firefly
!), and wait for it…


Oh, be still my beating heart.

She even stated she wanted to nab a movie role where she learned kung fu. I’ve been a kung fu practitioner for years, and I’ll volunteer to give her the basic forms. I even went as Joan Holloway for Hallowe’en last year (and I’ve been a redhead every since).

One of Christina’s friends has an Etsy shop, and she’s posed in the shop photos as a wearable goods model in the past. Well, she’s back!

[click on each pic to be magically transported to the Etsy listing!]


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