Here’s a great how-to… a video that describes (and demonstrates!) the long-tail cast on method using your thumb. I used it this morning, in fact! šŸ™‚

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How you cast on your knitting makes the world of difference to how your knitting project will turn out.Ā  If you cast on too tightly or use the wrong type of casting on method, then your knitting will become wider as you progress and you could end up with a baggy midriff in your sweater or a misshapen hat.Ā  If you cast on too loosely or if you use a knitted cast on method, the item might become baggy around the edge and could end up as one of those garments that just gathers dust in a wardrobe or even an embarrassing gift that you give to someone, that haunts you whenever you see it being worn.

Casting on is important, so if it seems that Iā€™m labouring the point in this Beginners Guide to Knitting video series, there is a very good reason.

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