Are you tired of your regular programming being pre-empted by the NCAA? Has your team been knocked out of a round and has no chance of making the Sweet Sixteen or Final Four? Maybe your sport is actually NHL hockey, and you’re crushed by the firing of your head coach, Guy Boucher? (OK, OK, that’s just me *sob*). Never fear – Bernat’s Yarn Madness 2013 is here! Get your brackets ready, ladies and gents!


Download your own bracket here!

From Bernat: If you missed the full lineup, check out the intro post and download a bracket to play along!

Today’s two of our classic fashion yarns go head-to-head. Which do you prefer – Bernat Soft Boucle or Bernat Boa? What are your favorite uses for fashion yarns?

Remember, every vote counts, don’t forget to tell us about your Yarn Madness picks on our Facebook page, and on Twitter using the hashtag #yarnmadness!

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PS – Best of luck to former Tampa Bay Lightning head coach Guy Boucher. Bonne chance à vous!  ♥

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