Knitting for a cause is a very rewarding experience, and here is a great ongoing KAL to knit for neonatal babes and also bereavement outfits. It’s with the Lucy Ladybug website.

A little more about the KAL from the Lucy Ladybug site:

Burial clothing is needed for preemie and full term babies.
Knitting for little ones who’s time on earth was short can be sad, but very rewarding.

Many parents will only get to dress their sweet child once.
Providing outfits, hand knit with love, during a time when shopping for outfits is difficult or impossible, can bring great comfort and solace.
Parents will know that others care and are thinking of them.

I’ve had two full-term live births, but also had two miscarriages. I can’t imagine what it is like to have a stillbirth or lose a tiny baby. Bless!

Instructions for joining are here.

Some free patterns to use during the KAL are here and here.

Some KAL buttons for your site are here.

If you need a break from your current knitting routine, please consider joining Lucy Ladybug’s efforts.

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