a light between oceans babyknitsImage from Touchstone Pictures (definitely not me because this film isn’t playing ANYWHERE NEAR ME RIGHT NOW).

Have you been able to catch Michael Fassbender’s new flick, “A Light Between Oceans”? It is from M. L. Stedman’s novel of the same name, which I gobbled up in one day (and stupidly not too long after a miscarriage – bawled my eyes out through most of the dang thing).

So the website Vulture has a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek review of the knitwear in this film. I was wiping away giggle-induced tears with the descriptions of the gorgeous knits that Fassbender’s Tom and Alicia Vikander’s Isabel wear, billed as “despair chic.” Oh, my sides are killing me.

The description of the image above is The knit cap says “we got a different knit cap for this baby, our baby, the baby we made with love and definitely didn’t find on a beach, stop asking questions.” Oh, my sides are killing me.

I’ll link soon to knit patterns – while they’re not as gorgeous as, say, Outlander, they certainly are pretty (albeit practical). You know, just like Michael Fassbender (call me, boo!).

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