My previous dog, who passed nearly two years ago, was a shorthair of the shedding variety … but he had NOTHING on the three yowly Siamese boys that (quite literally) run this house (in fact, a geriatric cat bed ramp is being constructed today; I’ll post pics once it’s up because I can’t believe we’re doing this). There are many resources on knitting with animal hair out there, so if you’re interested in wild, wooly knitting trends of the week, check out Sarah E. White’s article on interesting knitting trends this week…

It just happens that a lot of other people have the Jubilee and the Olympics on the brain. This week there’s news of 75-year-old Brit knitter Sheila Carter, who spent four and half months working on her fabulous knit replica of the Jubilee, complete with the Queen’s barge sailing under Tower Bridge. She knit spectators, other boats, even the river itself. In all there are more than 50 figures and 30 shades of yarn used. Cool!

The Town Hall in Northallerton has been targeted by Queen-loving knitters with a stitched British flag, the Queen and a pair of corgis. There’s also knit bunting, stitched seat covers and a royal personage tied to a shrub. Take that as you will.

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