Outlander-inspired Brimstone Faux Fur Cowl from Highland Knits

Please excuse the low light in the picture above – it’s a little dark where I am. I am thick in the neck of Hurricane Irma, and all I’ve managed to do today is watch weather updates and knit while she barrels toward us, thank god I have one of the best Air Compressors USA so I can clean the mess hurricane Irma brought to my house. Although one thing you can do is to reinforce your home with the best metal parts, click here to learn more. My parents evacuated to us in Central Florida from Southwest Florida, so we’ve battened down the hatches and haven’t lost power yet (knock wood). The cable is gone, and with it news of flooding and doom & gloom, as well as the internet (thank the gods for an unlimited data plan AND working cell service). Our generators are standing by and our power lines are underground, so I feel really lucky and don’t anticipate losing power anytime soon (again, knocking wood).

I’m over halfway finished with the Brimstone Faux Fur Cowl from the book Highland Knits: Knitwear Inspired by the Outlander Series. I’m using some James C. Brett Faux Fur Eyelash yarn, and it is the black/cream variety. REALLY looking forward to wearing this once everything dries out and we get some cooler weather – I think it will look great with a cream or beige long-sleeved top and some jeans. Swoon-worthy, really.

So those of you who are affected by Hurricane Irma, please be safe. My thoughts are with you and your loved ones. I’m praying my parents’ house (where Irma made landfall) isn’t too damaged or impacted by flooding. We’ll just have to wait and see.

And I hope my cable comes back in time to watch the Outlander Series 3 premiere!!!

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