Mike Walker of Johannesburg, South Africa, had a grandma who loved him enough to knit him a beanie, but he saw a young boy in need and gave away his beanie.

Walker enlisted the help of other local grandmothers (“gogos”), who made 8,000 beanie hats and gave them to the needy. Then he got an even better idea … why not teach local grandmothers to make the beanies and sell them? Now younger women and men have joined, and Walker’s group is projected to pull in $4 million rand (about $500K USD) this year.

Each gogo who knits gets R $50/beanie ($6.30 USD), and they are sold for R $120 ($15 USD).

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That’s pretty incredible, and I’d love to travel and sit in on a knitting workshop/training there. Go, gogos!

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