From Creative Knitting Magazine’s blog, a great idea for using up your stash AND beating the summer heat while knitting is the Itty-Bitty Little Bit Hat! The word “adorable” should be in there somewhere!  😉


I don’t know about you but the thought of being without something to knit leaves me in a cold sweat, especially in the summer. Unfortunately, where I live it gets really hot and humid so big projects like shawls are out. The solution? Hats! Itty-bitty hats. In the summer, I make dozens of darling baby hats that end up as gifts or donations. What’s the “Little Bit” part you might ask? Well, I have a business of selling kits to make striped baby sweaters (the famous Tulip Cardigan) and I end up with piles of tiny balls of yarn. I can’t tolerate the thought of throwing away such lovely hand-dyed merino so I try to use up every bit in making tiny hats with random stripes.


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