So, you have a friend that you want to buy a holiday gift for. That friend’s a knitter, so you know that they’d like something knitterly (and you may not want to knit FOR them!). A solution is over at Brooklyn Tweed – a knit kit! You can choose from four (4) different knit kits that come pre-wrapped in eco-friendly brown wrappings. There is a cabled hat kit, a slouchy beanie kit, a lacey shawl kit, and a Guernsey Wrap kit to choose from.

At BT Headquarters we’ve been busy preparing some special woolly treats for the holiday season. When we started thinking about good gift ideas for knitters, handknitting kits seemed like a great option since they are so versatile! They of course make great gifts for knitters, but are equally useful as a way of treating yourself to something special, or even gifting the finished project on its own (two birds with one stone).

Brooklyn Tweed

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