Looking for a cuddly and cute free knitted toy pattern? How about an adorable little pink pig? The Purl Bee has a great free pattern for just such an animal!

I know that in person pigs can be… well, a bit much. But in theory, pigs are just amusing. Their pot bellies and stubby snouts, their floppy ears and rosy hue, their lollygagging in the mud and snorting in the dirt, it’s all totally lovable!

That’s why designing this Big Pink Pig was so much fun. The third in my collection of my giant gumdrop animals, this one is maybe my favorite! I love the cool mystery of the Big Snowy Owl and the sweet innocence of the Big Cuddly Bunny, but this guy has it all. He’s goofy and mischievous with a deep well of knowingness.

Full pattern link over at The Purl Bee.

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