I am such a Eunny Jang fangirl, it’s ridiculous (and almost embarrassing). She is SO adorable, and I just want to sit next to her and watch her speed-knit. I think she might know everything, but I might be a little biased.

Knitting Daily has a fantastic page up with a cast-on tutorial from Sockupied, their new eMag. I will admit right here and now that I’m completely ignorant to anything related to this emag as I live in Florida and only wear socks to kung fu class. That’s it. Even in the dead of winter (*snicker* – winter in Florida?), I won’t put on a pair of socks.

Karen Frisa, sock knitting expert, provides the info for the Channel Island cast-on in the emag, and Eunny Jang gives us a video demonstration:

They also provide a cool animated non-video instruction of the cast-on as well on their page. Go check it out!

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