If you’ve been looking at your calendar recently and panicking, this is just the post for you. Lion Brand Notebook has some FREE patterns that you can make for your loved ones this holiday season, and they only require 1-2 balls/skeins of yarn! Lion Brand (once again) saves the day!

1 ball hat

Knit Solstice Hat
Knit Solstice Hat

1 ball accessories

Cottage Wrist Warmers
Knit Cottage Wrist Warmers
Beginner's Braided Headband
Knit Beginner’s Braided Headband

2 ball cowls

Knit Ribbed Cowl
Knit Ribbed Cowl

1 & 2 ball scarves

Beginner One Ball Scarf
Knit Beginner One Ball Scarf,
click here
for crochet version
Brisbane Scarf
Knit Brisbane Scarf (2 balls)


Lion Brand Notebook

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