Baaaagsssss… baaaaaaaaaagggggsssss… I’m like a zombie with brains. Here is another free knitted pattern for a bag from!

Zigzag Bag
[image from website]

From the pattern description:  “This handy knitted bag is enhanced with a rugged texture pattern and purchased handles. Bag size 11″ x 10″ x 2″, size 13 needles, wool/acrylic bulky weight yarn.”

To get the free pattern, you’ll need to register with

2 thoughts on “Free Pattern: ZigZag Bag

  1. Hi-
    So glad you like my bags. Do you realize that almost all the ones you have listed here are from me? How strange (but awsome)!

    Now, if I can just convince you to dabble in crochet, too. Maybe put a crocheted border on one of your knitted bags. 🙂

    Edie Eckman

  2. LOL – yes, Edie, I noticed that you were the creator of a lot the bags that are listed on the site! As I wrote in one post, you are too cool for school!

    Funny you should mention the crochet – I saw this free pattern and wanted to try it:

    I thought, “I should give it a go again … but will I conquer it this time?” I’ll let you know if I do. And thanks for the comment – you (and your designs) rock my socks!

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