In addition to knitting for the homeless, I’ve been hawking some of my knitted wares at local arts events. One of my best-sellers have been headbands (of all sorts), so I’ve been cruising free patterns for inspiration. I found a very beautiful one to share with you, and it’s called the Victorian Lace Headband.

Please note that this is a charted pattern, so if you don’t “do” patterns you may want to write it out before starting this project. Have fun!

5 thoughts on “Free Pattern: Victorian Lace Headband

  1. I absolutely am in love with your beautiful knitted Victorian Lace Headband, however, I am an avid quilter, and I don’t knit. Do you sell these headbands? I would love to buy one in the color featured, and one in black.
    Thanks for the info.

  2. Hi, Annette – this isn’t my pattern; it’s from Knit Picks (sorry I didn’t make that glaringly apparent in my post outside of the general link – I was super-tired when I created it). Based upon the Knit Picks terms, the pattern is “For private, non-commercial use only.” What that means is that no one can make the pattern and then sell it. You may want to find a friend(ly) knitter and sweetly persuade them to make it for you! 🙂

  3. I am making this headband and am really stumped on the “make knot.” There seem to be a good many “make knot variations out there, and none of the ones I’ve tried is looking right. Would you be willing to share some insight or direction on this? Thanks!

  4. Hi, Carolyn:

    Looking at the pattern, I can see the “knots.” Here is a tutorial for the knot stitch:

    Also, “p3tog leaving sts on left-hand needle, now knit them together, then purl them together and slip off needle” (from

    And finally, “you purl 3 sts together, which gives you 1 loop on the right needle. The trick is that you don’t take the 3 sts you purled together off of the left needle– it’s kind of like you didn’t finish what you were doing. Now, bring the yarn over the right needle once (there is a video on this site for Yarn Over– very simple to do). That’s your 2nd loop. Now, here’s why you left those 3 purled together sts on your left needle: you are again going to purl into those 3 original sts together. This gives you your 3rd loop and now you take off the 3 original purled sts off of the left needle.” (from

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