I am really excited about this throw pattern. Made up of knitted squares, it’s really interesting and beautiful. Normally, you see patterns like this in crochet and not so much in knitting. Check this out:

Here is the description from Fave Crafts:  This throw knitting pattern creates a gorgeous blanket with ridged blocks and three-dimensional flowers. The colors of yarn blend together beautifully.

It’s knitted up on a pair of US 7/4.5mm needles, and requires 14 100g balls. Each square is 15 x 15cm (5.9 x 5.9 in), and the total dimensions are 110 x 130 cm (43.3 x 53 in).

2 thoughts on “Free Pattern: Flower Patch Throw

    1. Hi, Elizabeth! A YF is simply “yarn forward,” where you just move the yarn from the back of your work (for instance, when you’re doing the regular knit stitch) to the front of your work. This is similar to when you are doing a rib stitch and you’re going from a knit (yarn in back) to a purl stitch (yarn in front). You don’t actually knit any stitches, just move the yarn to the front.

      Here’s an example video.

      Good luck with the pattern!

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