Are you a Futurama fan? If so, great luck! Over at Craft Gossip there is a great link to some Dr. Zoidberg claws! What an adorable knitting pattern, and this could also double as a great Hallowe’en costume pattern!

zoidberg mask and mitts[Photo by Kate Quinn.]

OK, this may be the cutest thing I’ve seen all week, and I’ve seen some pretty cute stuff this week. If you’re looking for an easy handmade Halloween costume for an adult this year, grab some red yarn and cast on for the Dr. Zoidberg Claws by Kate Quinn (linked document is from Google Docs). These relatively simple mittens have a crochet scalloped edge along one side to make them look a little more crabby (or whatever it is that Dr. Zoidberg on Futurama is supposed to be).

Full post over at Knitting.

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