Kyla over at posted today on how to knit a baby cocoon, and I was so thrilled to see her post. I’m almost out of knitted baby gift ideas, and this is a great gender-neutral gift. I’m almost halfway through the Great Baby Boom of 2010, with five more babies on their way!

Basically, a baby cocoon is a variation on a baby bunting. I still have buntings from the early-to-mid 70s that my mom got for me.

Essentially our buntings were sleeveless like pictured above, but they can also come with sleeves and hoods. The bottom is squared off on most buntings, but some can be circular or have a break in the middle for the baby’s legs to make it easier for an older baby to be placed in a stroller. My kids had bunting Hallowe’en costumes when they were infants. I just always think of Maggie Simpson in her snowsuit when I think of buntings for some reason.

A knitted baby cocoon, however, is more like a wrap in which a very small baby/newborn is “cocooned” (swaddled). I’ve seen some with hoods, and some without. I’ve scoured the web for current (free!) patterns, so I’ll list them here. Some, which I’ve marked with an asterisk (*), will need a login (free) to access the pattern. Have fun!

Baby Cocoon by HMS Bluebird*

Cottony Striped Baby Cocoon by Linda Hogan*

Baby Cocoon by Mary Taylor*

Baby Snuggle and Hat Set by Valerie Whitten*

Wave Baby Cocoon by Roberta Soleri*

Button-Up Baby Wrap by Kimberly Wood*

Laurel Love Cocoon by Melissa Riley* (or non-Ravelry link here)

Baby Cuddle Sack Hand Knit by Marg

Baby Cocoon Knitting Pattern by Mary Taylor

Newborn Cocoon by Stacy Ziegler

Baby Cocoon and Cap by Bernat

Velvety Newborn Cocoon by Amy

Baby Stork Sack by Hipknitized

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