Have you seen the gigantic chunky knits that are simply mind-blowingly huge, and wondered how to make them yourself? HuffPo and Bored Panda both have envy-inducing photos of the finished products, and you can even buy roving to DIY from Ohhio on Etsy (or, even a finished blanket or kitty bed if you have the coin to spend!).

If you’ve ever wanted to get into the mind of a creator of super-sized chunky knits and how she arm knits, swing over to Love Knitting’s blog and check out their writeup on Anne Weil of Flax & Twine:

Anne Weil and her blog Flax & Twine is a dream for lovers of extra chunky knits! She is an expert in Arm Knitting, takes beautiful photos and makes us want to redecorate our living rooms every time we take a look at her blog. Discover her lovely new patterns on LoveKnitting, win a copy of her latest book, Knitting without Needles and meet her on our Instagram page!


LoveKnitting Blog

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