The other day, I posted that I would keep my eyes/ears open for any knitting information for Japan. A recent article by Mary Mooney suggests that we DON’T knit a darned thing for Japan. Why?

The country’s infrastructure is shot. Shipping anything to Japan is a nightmare right now. Even if you can get stuff over there, distribution’s a mess. The aid agencies say the single most important thing we can do is donate cash, so that they can get exactly what they need with as few complications (like shipping stuff across the Pacific) as possible. Believe them, folks. Please.

Mooney points us to another article that gives as an example a young woman who turned plastic bags into tarps after the Haiti earthquake last year. After all of her and her volunteers’ efforts, only three made it to Haiti as it would have cost in the thousands to ship the rest to Haiti.

As always, what you do with your time and your money is up to you. Perhaps sending handmade items at a later date would be more helpful. I will still keep my eyes and ears open for any opportunities and post them.

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