This summer, my daughter and I are going absolutely INSANE for the London Summer Olympics 2012 as well as the Paralympics that are happening there this fall – our club rowing team’s adaptive rowers set a world record and are set to compete to represent the USA! Sarah E. White at wrote up this article about an adorable little book full of London Knits! Check it out!


Between the upcoming Summer Olympics (check that link out for a live blog of the torch moving across the country!) and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, all eyes are on London these days. And while crochet has been in the new related to the Olympics thanks to those awesome crocheted lions, knitting has so far played less of a role (though there was the great mystery of the Saltburn yarnbombing). But there are lots of knitters in London — and all of England, of course — and lots of knitters who love London for various reasons.

stitch londonStitch London by Lauren O’Farrell. David and Charles.

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