From, here is another post on knitting books for kids. My daughters are a little old for these books, but they are absolutely adorable. I LOVE the fact that the protagonist Gigi knits for charity AND there are free patterns!  🙂


If you’re hoping to teach a younger kid to knit (and you know I will be in a few years!) it might be helpful to introduce the concept with a book or two featuring young knitters. While the picture books we’ve been talking about the past couple of days are great, there are also stories that combine knitting instruction with a story to get younger people interested in making something with yarn.

gigi knits

Knitting with Gigi and Gigi Knits and Purls by Karen Thalacker are two books involving Gigi McGreedy, a talented young knitter who used to only knit for herself. In the first book she discovers the joy of knitting for people in need; the second features her exploits learning to purl. The stories in the books are written in verse, followed by prose knitting instructions. The first book deals just in Garter Stitch and offers eight patterns while the second uses Stockinette, ribbing and basketweave in its eight projects.


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