By admission, I’m not a sock knitter. Heck, I’m not even a sock wearer. But there are people out there who both wear socks and those who knit socks (or so I’ve heard), and for those people there’s a very cool book by Chrissy Gardiner called Indie Socks. The folks over at Knit Picks blog gave it a review:

How many times have you fallen in love with sock yarn skeins that have been hand-dyed by a talented independent artist know as an “Indie-Dyer”. Oftentimes, I am drawn to more than just a couple of skeins. I find myself wanting nearly everything that particular artist makes. I call it the “sensibility” of an artist.

Attending the two Sock Summits that have taken place here in Portland highlighted the concept of sensibility. Think of it as walking through a huge museum of Indie Dyers. Each booth full of yarn and fiber had a definite sense of color and style.

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