From a woman who doesn’t have air conditioning in her apartment, here are some great summer knitting tips after the jump!

Knitting in the summer.  I’ve heard this discussed at meet ups and knitting circles every year as soon as the weather starts to warm up.  I know a few knitters who go on a knitting hiatus as soon as the weather is too warm for wool.  When I’m asked if I stop knitting in the summer I usually give the questioner a puzzled look and ask them why would I.  If it’s too warm in my apartment I go to the coffee shop or to my LYS for a visit, but I certainly don’t stop knitting because its warm outside.

Some knitters see the summer as a time when knitting should be packed up and left till the fall, but what about that awesome cable knit sweater you want to knit for the fall?  If you don’t start it till the fall you might not have it finished till New Years (depending on how fast you knit and finish garments).  I say knit the sweater now so you can wear it on the first chilly day.  Don’t pack your knitting away simply because the temperature has gone up, figure out a summer knitting strategy.

Here are some ways to beat the heat and keep your knitting moving:


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