Have you seen the Kickstarter for Kniterate, which is basically a 3D printer that creates fully knitted projects? It’s a very cool concept that allows you to “print” anything from a scarf (pictured above) to a full-sized dress from a pattern you create or download from your computer.

Some cons:
– It’s about $5 grand on Kickstarter, and will be about $8 grand retail
– It took about 3 hours to make 3′ of that scarf pictured above
– I watched two videos, and I didn’t see an option of using anything other than fingering/sport weight yarn

What was quite cool about the machine is that it appears to knit in the round, so conceivably you could knit a full-sized dress (featured in the video) or a hat or gloves.

Keep up with Kniterate online:
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Kniterate Website
Kniterate Twitter

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