From Knitting for Charity, here is a GREAT post with lots of links to free knitting patterns for shawls … many with gorgeous lace. From keeping warm to having a beautiful accessory to dress up an outfit, you definitely can’t go wrong with a free shawl pattern!


Even if you’ve never knitted a shawl before, any of these free knitting patterns will have you turning out a beautiful shawl that is much easier than it looks!

The Internet is filled with beautiful free knitting patterns for shawls. I am sure I have seen at least half of them, and I have often assumed they are out of reach for me, especially since I am not very experienced at knitting lace.

But I have found several easy patterns for shawls that are not only free, but they are also beautiful! In fact, they are so beautiful that they look a lot more difficult than they really are.

So if you would like to knit a beautiful shawl for yourself, for a gift, or for charity, here are some way-easier-than-they-look free knitting patterns!

Easy Free Knitting Patterns for Shawls


Easy Lace Shawl: Not only does this shawl look impressive, but it can be used with inexpensive acrylic yarn. The shawl shown on the model was knitted with Red Heart yarn!


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