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Want Proof Knitting Is Hip? Check out These Celebrity Knitters

For those who think knitters are dull, these celebrity knitters show that knitting is hip!

Aside from the occasional “knitting is hip again” article in the lifestyle sections of newspapers and in women’s magazines, I think knitting tends to get a bad rap as a hobby. People who knit are often seen as fuddy-duddies with a lot of time on our hands. Have you ever heard people say “gosh, I wish I had the time to knit” or “I don’t have the patience to knit”? Have you seen TV shows that portray knitters as dull, or worse, as a joke?

I have, many times. And while the “no patience to knit” comments don’t upset me, the snide jokes about knitters do annoy me. Every knitter I know is a fun, sweet, and delightful person to be around, and she would be even if she didn’t knit. Knitting just gives us an extra bond.

Whenever I hear the knitter jokes, I like to remind myself of the famous people — you know, the ones we assume lead exciting, even glamorous lives — who knit. And there are a lot of them! I’ve picked just 13 of them to remind you that knitters are NOT automatically boring people. (And guess what — there are even a few men on this list!)

A Handful of Celebrity Knitters


Catherine Zeta-Jones: Oscar-winning actress, wife of Michael Douglas

Daryl Hannah: Made a “splash” in the movie Splash, also appeared in Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2 and Steel Magnolias

Vanna White: Long-time cohost of Wheel of Fortune, has her own line of yarns, “Vanna’s Choice,” through Lion Brand Yarns

Amanda Seyfried: Starred in the movie Mamma Mia! and the television show “Big Love”

Tim Daly: Starred in the television show “Wings” and currently stars on “Private Practice”

Uma Thurman: Oscar-nominated actress, starred in Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2 and Pulp Fiction

Karen Allen: Starred in two Indiana Jones movies and owns her own knitwear design studio, Karen Allen Fiber Arts

David Arquette: Movie and television actor, writer, producer, director

Audrey Hepburn: Oscar-winning actress, ambassador to the United Nations UNICEF

Julia Roberts: Oscar-winning actress, one of the most popular movie actresses in America

Kristen Stewart: Star of the movies Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse

Russell Crowe: Oscar-winning actor for Gladiator, also nominated for A Beautiful Mind and The Insider

Sarah Jessica Parker: Starred in the television show “Sex and the City”

A list of celebrity knitters is fun. But don’t forget that knitting is hip, more than anything, because it’s a wonderful hobby that produces great works of art, whimsy, and practicality!

Posted by Kitty Doyle

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