I may be married to a UF alum, but I have been a fan of the Georgia Bulldogs since I was a little girl (I grew up next to an avid fan who had a 20′ x 20′ bulldog on the side of his house, and a cycle of bullies as pets). If you were ever interested in knitting culture in Athens, GA (where the university is located), here’s a great article on knitting in a college town!

Athens’ knitting community is far from threadbare.

There are student groups, community groups and places for interested students and community members to go besides: stores such as Main Street Yarns & Fibers in Watkinsville, built inside a big red barn, which offer both supplies and classes.

The knitting scene is also, in the spirit of the pun, interwoven.

On campus, there are the Knitwits. Off campus, there are the Knitwits.

The two groups are independent of each other, started at different times and with different members — but they do share Molly Moran.

“Now knitting has become trendy,” said Moran, a professor in the Division of Academic Enhancement and adviser to the campus Knitwits while also being a part of the off-campus group. “But, oh, 15 years ago very few people I knew knit.”



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