Free Vest Pattern From Tahki Stacy Charles

Here is a new free pattern for the Clinton Vest from Tahki Stacy Charles. It’s a nice, small vest, which is not only fashionable but also great for warmer weather. The pattern link opens into a PDF. Enjoy! Related posts: Free Pattern: Striped Wrap from Tahki Stacy Charles Free Pattern: Bond Tunic from Tahki Stacy […]

Free Pattern: Wristwarmer Mitts from Tahki Yarns

Similar to the free wristwarmer/let pattern that I posted earlier today, here is another pattern from Tahki Yarns that covers your wrists but this time adds a little carpal warmth: Again, the pattern is in PDF format, and the image is from Tahki Yarns. Enjoy! Related posts: Free Pattern: Wristwarmers from Tahki Yarns Free Pattern: […]

Free Pattern: Honeybomb Beret & Scarf from Tahki Yarns

Yay for Sundays and new free patterns to keep us warm! OK, I’m actually pretty warm right now as my high today is supposed to be 88 degrees, but this is for the rest of you… …a Honeycomb Beret and Collar free pattern from Tahki Yarns! [link is in PDF] Have fun! Related posts: Free […]

Free Pattern: Bridgehampton Cabled Cowl from Tahki Yarns

If you’re into cowls at all (which I am, even though I live in Florida and right now it’s about a 105+-degree heat index every single afternoon), check out this free pattern for the Bridgehampton Cabled Cowl from Tahki Yarns. [poodle not included with cowl pattern, nor are those gorgeous cheekbones on the model] The […]

Free Pattern: It’s Too Late Wristwarmers from Tahki Yarns

From Tahki Yarns, here are some wristwarmers that can be knit up “in a couple of hours because it’s never too late to be in fashion.” Remember, there are only 117 Days Till Christmas and 94 Days Till Hanukkah! Related posts: Free Pattern: Red Rock Pullover from Tahki Yarns Morehouse Merino’s Free Pattern du Jour: […]

Free Pattern: Red Rock Pullover from Tahki Yarns

Tahki Yarns has a feminine elbow-length sweater pattern that you can download free called the Red Rock Pullover. [image from] You can even knit it in red!  🙂 This looks light enough for summer, and I love the neckline on this. It’s available in small all the way through extra-large (you know, for us […]