Kniterate: The 3D Knitting Printer

Have you seen the Kickstarter for Kniterate, which is basically a 3D printer that creates fully knitted projects? It’s a very cool concept that allows you to “print” anything from a scarf (pictured above) to a full-sized dress from a pattern you create or download from your computer. Some cons: – It’s about $5 grand […]

Up to 40% off at KnitPick’s Knitting Tool Sale!

The KnitPicks 40% off sale started last week, and is still going strong! You can save up to 40% off on over 800 accessories, including crocheting supplies. Here are just some of the 800 items available: 1. Kacha Kacha Knitting Counter 2. Chibi Tapestry Needle Set 3. Locking Stitch Markers 4. The Gleener 2-in-1 Fuzz & Lint […]

Extra Chunky Knits with Arm Knitting

Have you seen the gigantic chunky knits that are simply mind-blowingly huge, and wondered how to make them yourself? HuffPo and Bored Panda both have envy-inducing photos of the finished products, and you can even buy roving to DIY from Ohhio on Etsy (or, even a finished blanket or kitty bed if you have the coin […]

From Buzzfeed: 19 Nerdy Knits!

I’m a huge fan of Buzzfeed (incidentally, just teared up a few minutes ago at their Chicago Blackhawks video with little Cammy Can). Today they have a great article on 19 Nerdy Knits You Need to Knit Right Now. Of course, there’s plenty of Doctor Who (swoon!), but also a Jayne Hat, some Harry Potter, […]

Pegasus Theatre Asks for Charitable Knitters’ Help

If you’re in the UK – or even elsewhere –  then perhaps you can give this theatre company a knitting hand! They are calling on knitters to make 8″ squares, which will be used to wrap around the theatre itself. After the exhibit, they’ll donate all of the knitted squares to charity to be made […]