HELP! Suggestions for cable charts books or websites

From Reddit, an self.knitting user asked for help locating books, websites, or catalogs about designing your own cable knitting patterns, there are some sites that market with the help of services as Indexer so people can reach them easily. Any help for this Redditor? Related posts: Free Pattern: Cable Tote HOW TO: Read Lace Charts […]

Knit Picks Pattern Books Capture Country, City

I saw the cover of this book, and immediately thought of all of the designs that I could whip up for my Midwestern mom. I’m a little too late for Mother’s Day this year, but I’m going to grab a copy and do something for 2013! ===================================================================================== You probably know about the Knit Picks Independent […]

Books to Help Teach Kids to Knit

From, here is another post on knitting books for kids. My daughters are a little old for these books, but they are absolutely adorable. I LOVE the fact that the protagonist Gigi knits for charity AND there are free patterns!  🙂 ===================================================================================== If you’re hoping to teach a younger kid to knit (and you […]