KICKSTARTER: Yarnia Yarn Quest RPG

Gaming knitters, check this out! A Kickstarter is underway for Welcome to Yarnia: A Yarn Quest Knitting RPG. It’s billed as “one part knitting pattern, one part Role-Playing Game, and one part Choose Your Own Adventure.” I’m in! You can check out the details on the Kickstarter here, and also the Yarn Quests for 2017 […]

Kniterate: The 3D Knitting Printer

Have you seen the Kickstarter for Kniterate, which is basically a 3D printer that creates fully knitted projects? It’s a very cool concept that allows you to “print” anything from a scarf (pictured above) to a full-sized dress from a pattern you create or download from your computer. Some cons: – It’s about $5 grand […]