FREE PATTERN: Halloween Ornaments

Well, today I learned two things: there are really cool Hallowe’en ornaments I need to be making and also what “Julekuler” is all about. The awesome-as-usual Sarah White has posted about both a Julekuler generator (chart only) and also has provided a few links to some seriously awesome Hallowe’en ball ornaments. Go check it out! Post at CraftGossip’s Knitting blog. […]

Free Pattern: Dr. Zoidberg Claws!

Are you a Futurama fan? If so, great luck! Over at Craft Gossip there is a great link to some Dr. Zoidberg claws! What an adorable knitting pattern, and this could also double as a great Hallowe’en costume pattern! [Photo by Kate Quinn.] OK, this may be the cutest thing I’ve seen all week, and […]