FREE PATTERN: Renewal Shawl

If you have a Ravelry account (and if you don’t, OMG WHY NOT THEY ARE AMAZING AND FREE!!!), you can download this interesting wrap… shawl… poncho… thing. It’s really cool! Sometimes you just want a relatively mindless knitting project that is easy but nonetheless pretty and comforting. That’s the Renewal shawl pattern by Helen Bingham […]

Free Jacket and Cowl Patterns from Knit Culture

Knit Culture has two patterns that are just fabulous … a Haberdashery Jacket and a cowl to go with it! (the above pic links to the jacket; if you’re interested in the Honey Cowl, click here) Have fun with them! Related posts: Free Pattern: Raglan Swing Jacket from S. Charles Collezione Free Pattern: Bridgehampton Cabled […]

Free Pattern: Striped Wrap from Tahki Stacy Charles

Happy Hallowe’en, pumpkins! I hope you are ready for the onslaught of kids in costumes this evening, and maybe even have one for yourself! Be safe and have fun tonight… While you’re waiting for the sun to go down, here is a free pattern from Tahki Stacy Charles. Designer Rosemary Drysdale has created this interesting […]