Eunny Jang

More Than a Dozen Gifts You Can Knit Before the Holidays!


Are you making gifts for the holidays? Well, time’s a tickin’! This week at Knitting Daily, more than a dozen items that (they promise!) you can knit up before the holidays were showcased. Well, we know that Eunny Jang, Lightning-Fast Knitting Goddess, would be able to whip these all out! Please note that these aren’t […]

Free Sock Tutorial from Eunny Jang

I am such a Eunny Jang fangirl, it’s ridiculous (and almost embarrassing). She is SO adorable, and I just want to sit next to her and watch her speed-knit. I think she might know everything, but I might be a little biased. Knitting Daily has a fantastic page up with a cast-on tutorial from Sockupied, […]

Knitting Daily TV Series 400 Now on DVD

I absolutely LOVE Knitting Daily TV. When my fingers grow up, they want to be Eunny Jang. I’m not joking. I make my children watch her knit on the DVR as I exclaim, “I mean, LOOK AT THAT. Isn’t that INSANE? Can you believe she knits that fast? Can you? CAN YOU?” At this point, […]