SPOTTED: Demi Lovato Knitting on a Plane

(photo from Demi Lovato’s Instagram) When I flew last week, I definitely didn’t have enough room to knit with long needles and chunky yarn, but how awesome is Demi Lovato with this pic on her Insta? It looks like she’s making a chunky scarf. Too bad we can’t see the color to spot it on […]

Kate Hudson’s Holiday Knitting

If you follow knitting celebrities on Instagram, you probably have already seen that Kate Hudson, daughter of the hilariously talented Goldie Hawn, has already made some decent headway on her Christmas presents. How does she find the time? Goodness. How far are you on your holiday knits? Related posts: Pregnant Princess Kate Has Taken Up Knitting […]

Kat Dennings’ knitting club with Ronda Rousey

You’ve all heard about celebrity knitters like Sex in the City stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis, Marilyn Monroe, Angela Lansbury, director George Lucas, David Arquette, Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks, and Amanda Seyfried, but did you know that Kat Dennings has a knitting ‘club’ with American MMA fighter Ronda Rousey? She was just on The Ellen […]