A Bunch of Free Amigurumi Knitting Patterns! Yeah!

No! It’s not Friday! But it’s your lucky day! AllFreeKnitting.com linked me to 20 or so free KNITTING amigurumi patterns. Get out those DPNs or lasso up your circs for some Magic Loop, because here we go! Free Amigurumi Knitted Robot Pattern Free Amigurumi Knitted Bluebird Pattern Free Amigurumi Knitted Elephant Pattern Free Amigurumi Knitted […]

Free, Colorful & Warm Patterns from AllFreeKnitting.com!

Yesterday, I wrote about sales but didn’t give you any free patterns. Really, I was in a good mood – I promise! Today I’ll make up for it by making free pattern posts! To start, here are a few free colorful & warm patterns from a fantastic website, AllFreeKnitting.com. When you look at these patterns, […]