I shop at ALDI to save money on staple items, and love the fact that their reusable shopping bags are SO cheap and durable. I love the fact that you have to purchase bags there as well, and think that all grocery stores should follow ALDI’s lead. Crawling down from my soapbox, you can stop using all of those plastic bags (unless you’re going to use them to make into mats for the homeless) and create your own reusable market bags. A great way to bust a stash because who cares what bizarre color combos you’ll crank out with these, right?

The Naturale Bag

The Leafy Cable Bag

The Thrifty Market Bag

Also, if you are interested in taking the plastic bags that are lying around your house and turning them into yarn, here is a great tutorial for making “plarn” (plastic yarn). You can then make an outdoor mat (and donate a few, too!), your own recycled market bag, a sweater… OK, kidding. I’m sure you can think of many, many uses for your plarn!

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