I got an email today from Sarah, who linked me to her new handy device, the Needlecard.

[images from Needlecard’s website]

I love this idea. I have a lot of needles and i don’t have an iPhone app to keep track of them all. I also do a lot of circular blankets, which require me to have 4 (or more!) of the same-sized circular knitting needles so it’s good to know how many I’m running with. Also, my best friend has sent me a lot of older needles from thrift stores that only are listed by mm, so the US/mm listing is awesome. I also like how the back shows you the yarn weight recommendation, as just today I absent-mindedly tried to throw some superfine on a pair of 5.5mm bamboo circular needles. Mmm hmmm.

I might have to contact Sarah about putting some iKnitty.com logos on a few of these bad boys to give out as gifts.

She’ll also be in booth #662 at TNNA, so go stop by and check them out in person!

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