I have SO many knocked-up friends and family right now, it’s not funny. At least five people I love are currently baking babes in their bellies … and I have a feeling I’m forgetting someone. Beginning in two weeks, I’ll be knee-deep in nursing bras, baby poop, and questions about when they can all start using the vacuum cleaner again safely.

And two of them, my sister-in-law included, aren’t even finding out what gender their spawn is. THE NERVE. I’m a planner, people. Green and yellow just don’t cut it for me. I’ve got two little girls and a boy on the way, so I’m working as fast as I can! The little boy was gracious enough to have the same due date as Mr. iKnitty.com, so he’s pretty happy about all of that.

Today I was thrilled to see that Spud & Chloë have a free pattern for Baby Mitts on their site today! Huzzah!

[baby mitts image courtesy of the Spud & Chloë website]

Now, even if the nifty baby mitt pattern wasn’t cool enough, there are even links to free patterns for a Dream Catcher Baby Blanket, a Dream Catcher Hat, and even some Jelly Bean Baby Socks! Those socks are so cute, I can barely stand to look at them. Seriously.

Oh, just go. It’s all just too cute for words.

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